Fish Spatula from Williams-Sonoma

Faith’s Daily Find 02.07.13

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Fish Spatula from Williams-Sonoma

• $15

So, I picked up a fish spatula after stir-fry guru Grace Young gave me a wok and showed me how to stir-fry. She recommends the thin, whippy fish spatula for stir-frying; it's flexible and helps you tumble all the ingredients around. I picked one up in Chinatown (it was rather less than this one from Williams-Sonoma, but this is the most similar-looking one that I could find online), and what do you know - I've been using it for all kinds of things. I find it's the best utensil for sautéing too, and even flipping pancakes. In a very short time it's become one of the most-used cooking utensils in my kitchen.

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