Bakers, Bowls, and Pie Pans from Fiesta

Yesterday we gave you a quick video snapshot of the rainbow of beautiful colors from Fiesta. We love Fiesta's classic durability and made-in-America history. So we couldn't resist showing you a few more photos. Here's their newest product: a return to the classic set of three-sized mixing bowls.

More below, including an up-close look at our favorite color and other new products.

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• We love the turquoise blue, especially those ball salt and pepper shakers and the cream and sugar set. And yes, that is an egg plate.

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• The three-piece baking bowls were released in March, and they have a great heft and weight. Three-piece sets of bowls like these are one of our kitchen basics; they are on any list for new cooks and bakers. They are very multi-purpose - cooking, baking, serving, storage. Pretty ones like these can go straight to the table.

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• They are re-releasing one vintage color each year until their 75th anniversary in 2011. This Marigold yellow is this year's retro color.

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• Another highlight for us: pie plates and square bakers in classic Fiesta stoneware. These are very well-priced, especially when compared to fancy French versions. As always they are made and shipped from Newell, West Virginia.

The Homer Laughlin China Company and Fiesta Dinnerware

(Images: Faith Hopler)

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