Farmers' Market Report: Signs of Fall

Los Angeles

2008_09_03-fall1.jpg Here and there, amongst the summer fruits and vegetables, signs of fall are beginning to dot the landscape of our farmers' market...

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To be sure, the Hollywood Farmers' Market still abounds with summertime staples like watermelon, green beans, and tomatoes (which will be celebrated at the market's annual Peak of Summer Tomato Festival on Sunday, September 7). But now the pattypan and crookneck squashes are making way for winter varieties such as acorn, delicata, and kabocha. Happily, we have things like this to temper our melancholy about the end of summer. Soon we'll be enjoying the aroma of roasted butternut squash and apple pie baking in the oven...

Has autumn arrived at your farmers' market? What cool-weather ingredients are you looking forward to?

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(Images: Gregory Han)