Have you been following the Room for Color contest on Apartment Therapy? We have, and we've been especially interested in the colorful kitchens that have popped up among the entries. Here's a peek at the colorful kitchens we've seen so far!

• 1 Heather's Coral Kitchen
• 2 Melanie's Blue & Harbor Gray Kitchen
• 3 Jennifer's 'Apple Green' Kitchen
• 4 Chloe's Chartreuse Kitchen
• 5 Emily's Green Garden Kitchen

• 6 Beverly's Beach House Kitchen
• 7 Katarzyna's American Autumn Inspiration
• 8 Madeline's Urban Tranquility
• 9 Suzy & Adam's Lofty Intentions
• 10 Megan's 'Bowl of Fruit' Kitchen

Have you spotted an especially colorful kitchen lately? Or a kitchen where color is particularly well-used? Tell us!

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