Fabulous Side Dishes with Alexia Foods

Fabulous Side Dishes with Alexia Foods

Nov 23, 2011
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When it comes to adding zing to a meal, we all know it's all in the side dishes you choose. So, isn't it time to go from basic to fabulous, to match your passion for gourmet cooking - and eating?!
Thanks to Alexia Foods, which offers an array of simple side dishes that make a simple meal extraordinary, you can complement any homemade meal in true culinary-masterpiece style.

Take Alexia's newest Sweet Potato Puffs... what better way to deliver a light and flavorful punch of all-natural products like select farm-fresh sweet potatoes? They're light on the inside and crispy on the outside - just how you and the kids like 'em - and work as a complement to serve with any entrée, or as a late-night snack. The next time you're planning your menu and are stumped by a side dish dilemma, check out the entire line of Alexia's all-natural frozen foods, available at natural, gourmet, club, grocery, and mass retail stores nationwide, online at AlexiaFoods.com/ or Facebook.com/AlexiaFoods

And while you're on their Facebook page, get ready to be inspired in your kitchen by the tempting fry flavor creations of top food bloggers in Alexia's "Reinvent a Classic" Facebook promotion. Vote on the fry variation you think sounds most delish and you may see it hit store shelves in 2012!

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