Eyeball-tinis and Chocolate Pumpkin Cups

Eyeball-tinis and Chocolate Pumpkin Cups

Faith Durand
Oct 31, 2008
We take a pass for most of the Halloween gruesomeness - it's not very appetizing. But these eyeball-tinis made us look twice. They actually use very fresh and wholesome ingredients - and to such an effect! More below, including homemade chocolate pumpkin cups, and a guide on how to make your own tofu.
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Eyeball-tinis - Guess what they make those eyeballs from...

Chocolate pumpkin cups

Farro Salad With Chanterelles, Fennel and Apples - You know how we feel about grain salads. From Michael at Herbivoracious. (Remember the last recipe of his we featured here? Yum.)

How to make tofu at Fatfree Vegan.

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