Every Last Drop! 10 Recipes That Make the Most Out of Maple Syrup

Last week Cambria shared how maple syrup is made in Vermont, and it's got me thinking of different ways I can (and should) use this wonderfully sweet ingredient. You see, while we usually associate maple syrup with cool fall days it also would be nice for those dreary, rainy days in spring to add sweet warmth to cozy meals. Asparagus and spring artichokes are great and all, but that's not all spring has to offer!

Here are 10 recipes from our archives that highlight maple syrup for breakfast, lunch, dinner (and snacks!).

What are your favorite recipes that use up every last drop of maple syrup?



(Image credits: Sara Kate Gillingham; Chris Perez; Andrea Bemis; Faith Durand; Nealey Dozier; Megan Gordon; Sarah Rae Smith; Emily Han; Emma Christensen)