Etsy Find: Felt and Fabric Fruit Bowls

Etsy Find: Felt and Fabric Fruit Bowls

With all the stainless steel appliances, glass and china dishes, and hard countertops, it's nice to have something soft in the kitchen. It's why we like curtains or rugs or even corks stuck into our pot lids—something cushy to take the edge off. These bowls, rounded up from several Etsy sellers, provide a color and comfort, plus a spot to store fruits and vegetables.

Our only beef with these bowls is cleaning them. Not that a bowl used primarily for storage gets all that dirty, but we do rinse or wipe our fruit bowl occasionally. Maybe we can vacuum these?

We love the fuzziness of the felted bowls, but the ones made from coiled, multicolored cotton add a lot of texture to a room. What do you think?

Here are a few of our favorites:

Large Cloth Bowl, $23 from Netamir (You can buy the set of three, at top, for $48.)

Large Folded Felt Bowl, $34 from Meghan Burch Rustic Felt Bowl, $19 from Juny Striped Felted Bowl, $35 from Glow Girl Fibers Deep Fabric Bowl made with Vintage Fabric, $6 from Photogirl95 Colleen Basket Bowl, $32 from The Keepers House Related: What's in Your Fruit Bowl?

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