Escapes: Farm Visits

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Escape to the farm. As Escapes Month winds down, here's a shout-out to maybe our favorite escape: a day in the country to see where our food is grown.

We're temporarily living in the country at the moment, so we're planning our attacks on the apple orchards, blueberry fields and pumpkin patch. A quick vacation to California, including a field trip to the immense agricultural landscape of the Central Valley, is also on the horizon.

When was the last time you visited the country or picked your own produce? Resources for finding nearby farms after the jump.

If you're in California, check out Farm Visit's database of California farms. Farm Visit is a national website, designed to be an easy tool to find farms and u-pick operations in your state. They haven't built up the database very much yet though - with the exception of California, which has over 600 farms listed by crop and county. We're keeping an eye on this site - it looks like it has potential.

The big daddy of farm information, though, remains Local Harvest - a massive and incredibly detailed database of farms, CSAs, and farmers markets.

(Image credit: Wellhausen Farm, at Local Harvest)

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