Entertaining Tips: Buffet Plates, Mingling Plates, and Social and Party Dishes

Whatever you call these plates with a slot to hold your wine glass, you've got to admit they're useful. They allow your guests to mingle, shake hands, and even gesture, all while holding both their wine glass and something to eat.

They avoid the dreaded crush around the buffet table, or perhaps worse, people not having their full because they don't want to deal with the hassle.

Here's some of our favorites:

Ironwood Gourmet, acacia wood, set of 4, $39.99

Wrapables, melamine, set of 4, $19.95

d'Glas mingle plate glass, set of 6, $23.90 + VAT.
These are especially great, because they fit on most bar glasses. Even if your glasses don't have a stem, they work.

Disposable Social Plates by Acme. Case of 60, $49.95
We probably won't be buying these as even recyclable polystyrene doesn't feel very green to us. But we like the fact that a soda can or plastic glass works as well as a stemmed glass. Something for the plate designers to look at?

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