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Washington, DC
Square Feet:
What makes your small kitchen so cool:
Despite the fact that we have the smallest kitchen (and, possibly, apartment) out of any of our friends, ours probably gets the most mileage from our love of cooking, hosting, and entertaining. The open space, modern appliances, and counter top island enable our tiny kitchen to serve as a functional oasis and the heart of the apartment.
Describe a challenge you've overcome or a smart resource you've found for your kitchen.:
Tiny kitchen with limited storage meets two gadget freaks who like to use the space as a lab for conducting culinary experiments. In order to accommodate our obsession, we've creatively displayed our appliances to serve as decorative conversation pieces; they have become the cast of characters in our culinary theater. Everyone who visits us cannot help but express amazement in the pasta maker, pizza paddle, deep fryer, crepe pan, immersion blender (the list goes on) casually occupying counter and wall space.
What's your favorite meal to cook here?:
That's a really tough one. One of our favorites is comforting, hearty stews made with red wine like coq au vin and beouf bourguignon. Anything braised and simmered in our trusty dutch oven is sure to be delicious, and a great way to use up the extra vino. It's amazing to see, smell and taste the transformation from a pot of raw meat, vegetables and lukewarm alcohol to a fragrant and complex, savory dish. It's perfectly paired with some of our homemade pappardelle noodles or fresh-baked, crusty bread. Full disclosure: we also replicated The Hunger Games' lamb stew with dried plums--and it was outstanding.
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