Election Day! American Cherry Pie

What's more quintessentially American - cherry or apple pie? Hard to say, especially when you've got George Washington on one side and Johnny Appleseed on the other. This dramatic cherry version comes from reader Stephanie. Read on for another photo, the recipe for her Election Cherry Pie, and links to our election coverage from the last presidential election.

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Stephanie's Election Cherry Pie is an adaptation of her Buckeye Cherry Pie from last winter's Bittersweet Baking Contest. She won an Honorable Mention for Best Bittersweet Story. (College sports were involved.)

• Get the recipe: Go Buckeye Cherry Pie

And if you haven't voted yet - why are you reading this? Go vote! And if you've voted, go home, bake a pie, and settle in for a long night of watching returns. Here are links to our election food coverage:

Election Night Menu Ideas
Right Wings, Left Wings, and Obama Cupcakes: Election Night Food from Around the Web

What are you cooking for dinner tonight?

(Images: Reader Stephanie)

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