Edible Escapes: What Is Yours?

Last week we shared a few of our edible escapes with you. What's an edible escape? Well, it could be that one reliably indulgent treat that you eat (or drink) to give you a momentary uplift in daily life. It could also be a food that transports you back to a memory or a story. What's your edible escape? Here's a quick look back at ours.

Our Edible Escapes

Peppadews and Goat Cheese - Joanna
Ice Cream Straight from the Carton - Elizabeth
Rosé Wine from Provence - Faith
Chips, Beans, and Toast - Emily
A Bowl of Mussels - Emma
A Baguette Sandwich in Bayonne - Dana
Big Game Burritos and 100-Pound Veggies - Sarahrae

What's your edible escape? Something that brings back a distinct and tasty memory from a particular time in your life? A food you discovered while traveling? Or a simple treat that gives you a little escape from day to day life?

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