Edible Butterflies: Cupcake Toppers from SugarRobot

Edible Butterflies: Cupcake Toppers from SugarRobot

Faith Durand
Apr 28, 2010

This butterfly is beautiful and lifelike — it looks like it just lit on that cupcake and is about to fly away. But it's actually edible, made from potato starch paper and sugar!

These butterflies are made by Lisa of SugarRobot. She creates them out of wafer paper (potato starch, vegetable oil, water) and edible ink and brushes them sugar glaze or orange flavoring.

We think that these could be amazingly beautiful and dramatic massed on a wedding cake, or just perched on cupcakes like they are here. What do you think? Would you use them?

Edible Butterflies, $8.95 for 10 large pieces; $9.95 for 20 small pieces at SugarRobot.

She also produces custom wafers and leaves that can be printed with the birthday kid's name, or anything else.

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(Images: SugarRobot)

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