eBay Scavenger: Vintage Fortune Cookie Maker

This is coming a little late for Lunar New Year but we couldn't pass up this vintage Fortune Cookie Maker. The incredibly retro box really had us going; was this for real? It's currently going for $3.50. Shipping is $6.75 and the auction ends just seven hours from now. More eBay picks after the jump.

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Cast iron coffee grinder - Last minute! Ends an hour from now! $195, shipping for $88.

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Bread box and casserole dish - $19.99, shipping for $13. Ends February 16.

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Vintage coffee carafe - $9.95, shipping for $18. Ends in three hours!

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Vintage Le Creuset two-piece pan - A saucepan AND a lid/sauté pan! $26, shipping for $13. Ends February 13.

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