eBay Scavenger: Vintage French Fry Maker

Wow. This Vintage French Fry Maker probably had quite a life, slicing potatoes into perfect thick-cut fries in Chicago and Indiana. Wonder how many burgers and fries it saw in its long life? Only $.95, with shipping $14.50. The auction ends January 14.

More curious, well-loved, and interesting eBay finds below...

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Rare House Cake Mold/Pan - $9.99, shipping for $4.60. Ends January 10.

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Vintage Bean Pot - $6.99, shipping for $10.99. Ends January 13.

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Entire set of stainless steel cookware - $4.69, shipping for $14.50. Ends January 14.

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Orange Enamel Teakettle - $4, shipping for $4.60. Ends January 14.

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