eBay Scavenger: Vintage Le Creuset Set

eBay Scavenger: Vintage Le Creuset Set

Faith Durand
Sep 25, 2007

This auction totally grabbed us - an 8-piece vintage Le Creuset cookware set, currently going for $75. The flame-colored set includes several pans, a small saucepot and lids.

They all look like they are in fairly good condition, and this many pieces of vintage Le Creuset at this price is a steal. Shipping is $22.85 and the auction ends September 30.

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Horn handled cutlery scissors for $9.99, shipping $8.99 - ends Sept 30
Red Bakelite pepper grinder for $8.99, shipping actual - ends September 27
Cast iron teapot for $12.95, shipping $15.95 - ends October 1
Old green handle noodle cutter for $2.87, shipping actual - ends October 1

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