eBay Scavenger: Enamelware Popcorn Popper

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We've seen hand-cranked popcorn poppers, but never one quite like this. This stove top popcorn popper is enamelware, like all the Dutch ovens we've been talking about. We like that it's heavy, and we like the bright cherry red. It's currently going for $8.99 and the auction ends April 9.

Don't forget that you can post your own kitchen and tabletop items for sale at The Kitchen's classifieds!

Pretty wood salt keeper for $8 - ends April 7
Jadeite cookie jar for $10.72 - ends April 9
Hostess Twinkie bake set for $5.95 - ends April 9
Vintage Pyrex bowl with lid for $1.99 - ends April 9
Vintage round waffle iron for $3.95 - ends April 9

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