eBay Scavenger: Grapefruit Core Remover

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Here's an interesting gadget that I've never seen before. The seller claims that it is for removing the cores from grapefruit; I assume that the metal cylinder is used to press out the center. Anyone ever seen anything like this?

It's going for $4.99 and the auction ends February 13.

Don't forget that you can post your own kitchen and tabletop items for sale at The Kitchen's classifieds!

Vintage hand coffee mill for $19.99 - ends February 12
Silver-plated teapot with warmer for $9.99 - ends February 12
Antique copper colander for $9.99 - ends February 12
Le Creuset flame red casserole for $30 - ends February 13
Mug warmer for $3.95 - ends February 13

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