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Presentation is everything when it comes to food gifts, at least for me. I love finding pretty wrapping paper and new, creative ways to bundle up my offerings of baked goods and sweets. eBay is a great place to scavenge for vintage jars, boxes, and other beautiful, practical packaging that will be of use long after the food has been eaten. These vintage French canning jars are a good example. They are currently priced at $0.99 and the auction ends December 18. In your eBay browsing, don't forget that you can sell your own kitchen items right here through our free service: The Kitchen's classifieds. MORE VINTAGE KITCHEN FROM eBAYOld bacon press for $6.00 - ends December 17 • Cool and unusual glass cheese grater for $2.50 - ends December 17 • Gorgeous cast iron baking mold for $14.99 - ends December 18 • White cutwork tea towels for $3.95 - ends December 18 • Vacuum siphon coffee maker for $1.00 - ends December 21