eBay Scavenger: All-Clad Teakettle

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Temperatures have plummeted; on the last day of a recent trip, the temperature in Ohio dropped 30 degrees in two hours. Shivering cold like that makes me reach for my cocoa and my teakettle, so here's one over at eBay that also happens to be quite sexy. It's a heavy 2 quart All-Clad teakettle, currently listed at just $1.00. The auction ends December 9.

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Tupperware bacon keeper for $3.99 - ends December 7
Proctor-Silex electric kettle for $1.30 - ends December 7
Vintage waffle maker for $4.95 - ends December 9
Food dehydrator for $5.00 - ends December 9
Clay baking pots for $7.99 - ends December 9

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