Eating Light: What's For Lunch Today?

In our current open thread, reader snowonturtles says: I'm desperately looking for a few great, easy, fast lunch recipes. Light would also be a plus! My husband and I both come home for lunch, but end up eating Trader Joe's soup (which is great!, but we need a break) and sandwiches. Help?

Well, here's our light lunch from yesterday, but we're looking for more inspiration! What are you eating for lunch today?

We made a super quick lunch yesterday with leftovers. We mixed the leftovers of a raw kale salad, juicy with lemon and olive oil, with half a can of Trader Joe's marinated bean salad. We like these canned beans; there's a mix of various beans, including garbanzos, in a light marinade of herbs and oil.

We mixed the beans and kale, heated it up a little, and ate it with a piece of bread to sop up the delicious oils. Greens are so quick and easy -- they form the base of a lot of our lunches right now.

OK - your turn! What's for lunch today and this week? We want to be inspired with some good light and healthy eating in January; tell us how you're doing it!

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