Eating Light: 10 Ways to Use Frozen Broccoli

Frozen vegetables are one of our secret weapons for eating light during the winter. Broccoli has been in heavy rotation lately – we take a bag out of the freezer, pop it in the microwave for a few minutes, and it's ready to be used in all kinds of dishes.

1. Steam it and top with lemon juice and ground flax seeds. We got this tip from Heidi Swanson's Supernatural Cooking. She uses fresh broccoli cut into thin steaks, but we think it would work well with the frozen stuff too.

2. Saute it in a little butter with ginger and lemongrass. We saw White House Executive Chef Cristeta Comerford do something like this on Iron Chef America this week, and it looked delicious.

3. Pack it into a strata or frittata for a brunch dish that's hearty and healthy.

4. Combine it with tofu, spices and fermented black beans in a stir-fry.

5. Use it as a pizza topping. We love the combination of broccoli, sun-dried tomatoes and chili flakes on our pizza.

6. Serve it with a side of tahini sauce. Clotilde from Chocolate & Zucchini recently suggested a simple tahini sauce to go with any number of steamed vegetables.

7. Make a pasta sauce. Faith's Velvety Broccoli and Feta Pasta is creamy and full of flavor but still pretty light. A little bit of feta cheese goes a long way!

8. Mix it into a soup. This recipe for Pureed Potato and Broccoli Soup With Parmesan Croutons from the New York Times looks healthy and satisfying.

9. Steam and mash it with potatoes and a little Parmesan cheese.

10. Serve it as a taco filling with avocado and salsa. The Mexican restaurant in our neighborhood makes a dish like this, and it's really tasty.

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(Image: Joanna Miller)