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Where do you keep your dish towels? Threaded through the fridge handle? Hung over the oven door? If you're less than impressed with your current setup, don't forget the simplest of storage solutions: an over-the-cabinet towel rack. They're cheap and don't require any hardware or special installation, so they're perfect for the not-so-handy. Just basic and helpful.
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

5 Places to Buy an Over-the-Cabinet Towel Bar

• 1 Towel Bar, $8.95 from Stonewall Kitchen
• 2 Forma Overcabinet Towel Bar, $7.99 from The Container Store
• 3 Flower Over the Cabinet Towel Bar, $10.99 from Miles Kimball
• 4 Over the Cabinet Towel Bars, Set of 2, $9.99 from Collections, Etc
• 5 Bamboo Over the Cabinet Towel Bar, $9.99 from Organize It!

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(Images: 1. Stonewall Kitchen; 2. Miles Kimball)