Easy Gift Idea: Etched Wooden Spoons

Easy Gift Idea: Etched Wooden Spoons

Cambria Bold
Nov 22, 2013
(Image credit: Design Mom)

I'll go on record saying there's no such thing as having too many wooden spoons. For gifts this season, you can buy a hand-carved version or carve your own, but there's a third option you may not have thought of: etched wooden spoons!

A dremel, or wood burner, is a heated tool you can use to burn, or etch, a design into wood. You can find them on Amazon for around $20. For this project, Amy Christie of Design Mom bought a bunch of cheap wooden spoons, and then "drew" (or burned, actually) designs onto the spoons to give them a custom look.

From polka dots to stripes and hearts, the options are really endless for a neat-looking custom gift that doesn't cost too much. (Be be warned: dremels can get very hot, so be careful!)

See the full tutorial → The Perfect Gift: Etched Wooden Spoons at Design Mom

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