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What was cooking here a year ago? Here's a recap of some of our favorite posts from this week a year ago. There's mango colada, vanilla milkshakes with a kick, and non-alcoholic cocktails too. There are grilling tips and recipes, a review of a ricotta bread, edamame dip, and a guide for pairing wine with cheese, as well as a menu with wines all paired up for you. There are good places to find copper cookware in Paris, and an elephant for your olive oil.

Non-alcoholic cocktails, plus Blackberry Limeade.

• An elephant for your olive oil.

• New milk jug - hot or not?

• A whole menu paired with wine: Grilled Summer Menu of Herbed Pork, Tender Ravioli, and Garden Greens

• Great summer vegetables: Edamame dip, Sautéed Rainbow Chard with Raw Beets and Goat Cheese, and lemon cucumbers.

• Where to buy copper cookware in Paris.

• A tip for quicker weeknight meal prep.

Summer dessert? How about just fruit.

• The ultimate seasoning for shrimp boil.

• Do you know what this mystery fruit is?

• A primer on pairing wine and cheese.

• A twist on a good thing: mango colada. Also try this coffee-vanilla milkshake with a kick.

Two good gadgets from MUJI.

Polenta fries on the grill.

Ricotta bread - a recipe review.

• Where we found the elusive Duralex Picardie glass.

• It's still grill season! Grilled corn, crab, and raspberry salad, grilling tips from the LA Times, fancy grilled cheese sandwiches, and grilling black bass with Eric Ripert. Plus, the scoop on whether you need to soak kabob skewers.

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