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On warm weekend afternoons you'll often me in the backyard, gardening, reading or catching up with friends on the phone. Because it feels just a bit too early to pour a drink for myself, I've rounded up a few good non-alcoholic drinks that refresh — all without the booze. 

Many non-alcoholic drink roundups feature "mocktails" and recipes that seem more like a cocktail than anything else. While often wonderfully delicious, there's also a whole world beyond mocktails — a world consisting of delicious iced teas and lemonade, spritzers and sparklers and sodas. Here are a few of my favorite weekend backyard recipes. Do you have a go-to? 

Try a Recipe:

  1. Hibiscus Earl Gray Iced Tea (pictured) - Emily Ho for The Kitchn
  2. Apple-Ginger Sparkler - Martha Stewart 
  3. Mint Iced Tea - Food 52
  4. Raspberry Spritzer - Delish
  5. Strawberry Lemonade Spritzer - Dine and Dish
  6. Perfect Iced Coffee - The Pioneer Woman
  7. Iced Coffee Frappe - Simple Bites
  8. Vietnamese Iced Coffee - Bon Appetit
  9. Blueberry Lemon Iced Tea - Southern Living 
  10. Soda with Bitters - Faith Durand for The Kitchn

This post was requested by Emmi for Reader Request Week 2013.

(Image: Emily Ho)