D.I.Y. Greek Yogurt

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We love Greek yogurt - the extra-thick, creamy yogurt found in Greek or Lebanese groceries. We like it dolloped on soups or as dessert with a little honey and fruit. We can't always find it, however, and sometimes we just don't remember to keep it around.

So when we want to get that extra-thick texture, sometimes we resort to the old technique of draining plain low-fat yogurt overnight. This method slowly drains away the extra water, giving us a richer, thicker yogurt.

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To drain yogurt, line a large bowl with several thicknesses of cheesecloth. Dump the canister of yogurt into the cheesecloth, then gather the ends and fasten them tightly with a rubber band. Slip the rubber band over a cupboard knob and hang the bundle over the bowl. There will be a thin stream of water that comes out immediately, which will slow to a drip.

Leave hanging all afternoon, or transfer to the fridge and drain all night.

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