Don't Want to Get Your Cookbook Dirty? Temporary Recipe Tattoos Are the Answer

What if instead of flipping through a cookbook or getting your phone or computer dirty while cooking, all you had to do was look at your arm? The masterminds behind I Tradizionali, Marina Cinciripini and Sarah Richiuso, created illustrated temporary recipe tattoos that literally have you "rolling up your sleeves" and placing recipe guides on your forearm.

The tattoos come in a pack of four, and each package will have a theme, which will usually focus on what's in season, or special holidays like Christmas.

The temporary tattoos come in English and Italian, and showcase a few Italian dishes, including the spaghetti pictured below.

Currently I Tradizionali is seeking funding from crowd-funding site Eppela in order to mass produce the tattoos and include more recipes.

For more information: I Tradizionali

(Image credits: I Tradizionali )