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When we saw this photo, the bright orange jam made us sit up and stare. What was this intense orange stuff?

Turns out it's doce de abóbor - which is Portugese for sweet pumpkin. It's a traditional sweet found most commonly in Brazil, where sometimes it's made very firm and chewy like a candy, and other times soft like a preserve. It's often made with dried coconut, too.

This just sounds incredibly good to us - especially when we think of making it with butternut squash, as Patricia of Technicolor Kitchen did. We may try her recipe this week:

Butternut squash compote – doce de abóbora

Have you ever tried doce de abóbora? How about sweets and preserves made with other "vegetables"? One of our favorite desserts is the Indian carrot halwa - rich, milky khoya cooked with shredded carrots, spices, and raisins. It's so good!

We'll definitely let you know how it turns out. Who knows - it may go into our rotation of favorite jams.

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