Do You Send Thank-You Notes to Guests?

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Even if you don't send them, you're probably familiar with the concept of writing thank-you notes to dinner party hosts. But what about sending cards to guests, thanking them for attending? 

While reading Angel Adoree's The Vintage Tea Party Year, we were struck by the fact that she provides thank you cards to send to your guests after the party. We tend to email or Facebook message our guests a brief "Thanks for coming last night!" type of note, but we like the idea of sending a personal, handwritten card. Such gestures are so rare these days that they can really be meaningful. 

How about you? Do you express appreciation for your guests by sending a note, either paper or digital? 

(Image: Andy Dean Photography/Shutterstock)

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Emily Han (formerly Emily Ho) is a writer, recipe developer and educator on topics such as food preservation, wild food and herbalism. She is author of Wild Drinks and Cocktails (Fall 2015), co-founder of Food Swap Network and creator of Miss Chiffonade