Do You Have a Kitchen Bar?

2009_04_17-bar.jpg2009_04_17-barTS.jpgOne thing I am currently wishing for in my kitchen is a long bar that is open on both sides. Whenever we have guests at meal-time or while I am cooking my back always has to be to people. It's hard to cook and talk at the same time. Do you have an open bar in your kitchen? Here are a few examples of open bars in small kitchens from this year's Small Cool contest.

There are many advantages of open bars in small kitchens. They give a more open look and spacious feel, letting the kitchen be part of the living space, and not chopping it up. They also can be built-in places to eat, so you don't need to bring in a dining table. But they also can mean less storage, with no upper cabinets.

Do you have an open kitchen with a kitchen bar where guests can sit and chat with you while you cook? Do you like it? Do you wish you could close off your kitchen a little more? Tell us

• 1 Megan's Changed Outlook
• 2 Zach's Miami Loft & Ladder
• 3 Jenny's Hawaiian Shoebox
• 4 kateheffernan's Giant Windows & Blue Burlap
• 5 kateheffernan's Giant Windows & Blue Burlap

• 6 Alec & Magdalena's Multi-Functional
• 7 architeCTS's Cohesive Whole
• 8 J & R's Redwood "Earthquake Shack"
• 9 J & R's Redwood "Earthquake Shack"
• 10 Emily's Wonderful in White Studio

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