Do You Have a Great Recipe for Spiked Hot Apple Cider?

Do You Have a Great Recipe for Spiked Hot Apple Cider?

Faith Durand
Oct 14, 2009

Q: A friend is throwing an autumn party full of wonderful treats and drinks. My contribution is to be a boozy hot apple cider. However, none of the recipes I can find really tickle my fancy.

Any tried and true recipes?

Sent by Adrienne

Editor: Adrienne, here are a few recipes from our archives. Maybe one of these will spark something?

Spiced Apple Cider - Basic, with a cup of rum optional
Hot Buttered Bourbon and Cider - Butter makes everything better!
Simple Cocktails with Fresh Apple Cider - Great roundup of cider cocktails from Nora; we especially like the Northern Spy, which includes lemon juice and apricot brandy.

Whatever you do, we love the serving idea from Martha Stewart, pictured above. Serve in a big punch bowl with lady apples studded with cloves.

Readers, any favorite boozy apple cider recipes?

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(Image: Martha Stewart)

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