Do You Have a Great Recipe for Carrot Salad or Slaw?

Do You Have a Great Recipe for Carrot Salad or Slaw?

Faith Durand
Oct 16, 2009
Q: I came across a recipe on the Guardian — Japanese Carrot Salad — that sounds dreamy, yet when I searched for carrot salads on your site I was amazed that none appear.

Can you guys highlight some uses for carrots, particularly carrot salads that one can pack into their lunchbox that will still maintain their crunchiness?

Sent by Phenix

Editor: Phenix, sure! Here are some carrot slaws from our archives that looked particularly good, as well as some links to a few other recipes at Epicurious that we are eyeing. Crunchy carrot salads sound really good to us right now too!

Japanese carrot salad - This indeed does sound very good!
Recipe Roundup: Carrot Slaw - Recipe recommendations from our archive.
Cabbage, Fresh Fennel, and Carrot Slaw - from Bon Appétit.
Cabbage, Fresh Fennel, and Carrot Slaw - Fennel is a great complement to carrots. At Bon Appétit.
Carrot Pachadi - An Indian twist on the carrot salad. At Gourmet.

Readers, do you have any favorite crunchy carrot salads?

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(Image: Mikkel Vang/Gourmet)

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