Do You Have a Good Recipe for Homemade Ginger Ale?

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Q: Do you have a good recipe for a homemade ginger ale or soda?

I had one at Fort Defiance recently in Red Hook and it was delicious!

Sent by Anne

Editor: Anne, we're obsessed with homemade ginger ale, too, since a local cafe here serves a spicy version with lots of mint and lime. (Makes a killer mojito.)

Here's a version we've played around with, although it's still not as spicy as we would like it to be:

Recipe: D.I.Y. Ginger Ale, Part I

That recipe is technically a ginger soda; proper ginger ale is semi-fermented in bottles. Readers, any tips for a great homemade ginger ale or ginger soda?

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(Image: Faith Durand)

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