Do I Really Need to Refrigerate Vinaigrettes?

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Q: I've started making vinaigrettes since I work from home now. I have been putting them in the fridge but I don't like that I have to wait for them to warm up.

Do I need to put them in the fridge at all if I use the dressing up within a week or two? Or is there a faster method for getting them up to room temperature?

Sent by Jason

Editor: Jason this is an interesting question, since, come to think of it, the two components of most vinaigrettes (vinegar and oil) are not refrigerated on their own. So why refrigerate them together? I think it depends, ultimately, on what is in the vinaigrette. If just olive oil and vinegar, I think you could leave it out for a few days. But if there are more delicate components (nut oil, fruit juice, garlic) then refrigeration seems sensible.

On the other hand, why not make your vinaigrette fresh every time, for every salad? Dress your salad with a drizzle of oil, then toss in a bit of vinegar, to taste.

Readers, any thoughts on Jason's question ?


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