How Do I Serve a Meal to 150 Wedding Guests for Less Than $2000?

How Do I Serve a Meal to 150 Wedding Guests for Less Than $2000?

Faith Durand
Aug 7, 2012

Q: Today, this question comes straight from me! I may be self-catering my brother's wedding dinner this winter. It will need to feed about 150 people, and should have the feel of a warm and cozy family dinner. We're on a serious budget, and obviously food would need to be cooked ahead of time. Any ideas?

My current thoughts include a chicken and bacon stew over brown rice, plus a vegetarian butternut squash stew and some collard greens. All of these can be made ahead, frozen, and reheated without any loss of flavor or texture.

The budget is less than $2000, which needs to cover not only food, but linens, plates, silverware, serving dishes, and all those other little details of a big meal that can really add up.

Any other ideas? What truly delicious and homemade meals can be made ahead for a group this large, and served without too many extra hassles? Any ideas and advice much appreciated!

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(Image: Bryan and Joleen Fenstermacher)

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