DIY Maraschino Cocktail Cherries Week 4: They're Not Quite What I Had in Mind, But They're Scrumptious

Spring Projects from The Kitchn

I fished a few cherries out of the jars of DIY Maraschino cherries I have steeping in the fridge so you can see how they're doing. These babies are getting better and better — but they're still not quite what I had in mind!

As you can see, the cherries are pretty soft, especially the ones that I brined first.

I actually like the cherries I didn't brine a little bit better; they held their shape much more nicely.

Overall, though, their taste is really amazing: they're super rich and jammy, with a lot of yummy flavor from the Maraschino liqueur. My big takeaway here is that I would like to try these again with fresh cherries. But the frozen sour cherries still work well, for flavor and deliciousness.

I also want to let most of these steep for much, much longer; I'm very curious to see how they will be transformed over another few months of hanging out in their boozy syrup.

(Image credits: Faith Durand)