DIY Cranberry Liqueur

When Anjali posted about cranberry liqueur a few weeks ago, it sounded so delectable that I wanted to try making it myself. Now I've got a jar steeping in the refrigerator and it will be ready just in time for Thanksgiving.

The method I used is really quite simple and requires just cranberries, vodka, water, and sugar. (The sugar sweetens it up more than a plain vodka infusion.) I chopped fresh cranberries in a food processor and combined them with inexpensive 80 proof vodka and a simple syrup in a large, clean jar. I also added some lime peel. Other potential flavorings include orange peel, vanilla bean, or cinnamon sticks.

Some recipes suggest storing the jar in a cool, dark closet for a few weeks, while others call for refrigeration. It has still been pretty warm in my apartment, so I opted for the fridge. I've been shaking it every couple of days and will decant it into pretty bottles for Thanksgiving cocktails and hostess gifts. Anjali mentioned that cranberry liqueur may be drizzled on ice cream, and I imagine it could be delicious on baked apples and even in salad dressing, too.

• Here's the recipe I used from Cooking Light: Cranberry Liqueur
• If you're using frozen cranberries, check out the Cranberry Liqueur recipe from the New York Times
• For an unsweetened infusion, try the Vanilla-Cranberry Vodka recipe from Chatelaine

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(Image: Emily Ho)

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