DIY Countertop Cutting Board Extension

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It doesn't matter how much counter space you have, it always seems you need more during various times throughout the year. For many it's the holiday season, but if your space is small, it could just be cooking a real meal instead of reheating take out. This cutting board-countertop extension, might be exactly what you need...

The cutting board shown is everyone's favorite from IKEA, as well as the brackets on the wall. This makes a great extra space to get some chopping done if actual counters are narrow or small. We suggest using a heavy wall anchor before using and making sure to keep things clean. It's a great hack and is most likely a very valued and needed space in their kitchen!

Do you have a small space kitchen solution? Drop us a line and show us your handy work!

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(Image: Flickr member TenSafeFrogs licensed for use by Creative Commons)