DIY Cereal, Cake for Breakfast, and Morning Sweet Rolls

Most popular posts published April 2-8, 2011

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Hot posts this past week included a color-coded guide that shows you just when bread was baked, plus a roundup of our favorite morning sweet rolls. There are cake recipes for breakfast, DIY cereal, and more! Read on for the top ten...

15. Asparagus Season! A Gallery of 20 Ideas, Tips, & Recipes
14. Salad to Sushi: 5 Surprisingly Good Breakfasts
13. Recipe: Rye Toasting Bread with Cherries & Pumpkin Seeds
12. Looking for Make-Ahead, Low-GI Breakfast Recipes
11. Grape Nuts to Corn Flakes: 7 Recipes for Homemade Cereal

10. Lemon Rolls to Kugelhopf: 5 Sweet Morning Buns

9. Oatmeal in Jars: Make a Week of Breakfast in 5 Minutes

8. An Apple a Day: 10 Breakfast Recipes with Apples

7. Neufchâtel & Cream Cheese: What's the Difference?

6. Eat Cake For Breakfast! 15 Cakes for Morning Enjoyment

5. Start Your Day with Peanut Butter: 10 Breakfast Ideas

4. Recipe: Shirred Eggs with Toast Soldiers

3. Quick Tip: How To Get A Domed Muffin Top Every Time

2. Reader Intelligence: Best Make-Ahead Breakfasts?

1. Color-Coded Secret! How To Tell When Bread Was Baked

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