Cake Pops, via The Kitchn

Calling all cake lovers: you don't need a cake pan to enjoy the sweet goodness of birthday cake. These five recipes show it's possible to not have a cake, but eat it, too.

Cake Pops, via The Kitchn: delicious smushed balls of cake and frosting.
Birthday Cake Milkshake, via Colourful Palate: it's a cake-flavored smoothie!
Cake Batter Ice Cream, via Daisy's World: ice cream that tastes exactly like cake batter.
Berry Mousse and Lemon Poppy Seed Cake Verrines, via Tartlette: all the elements of a cake, but eaten out of a glass instead.
Funfetti Whoopie Pies, via 3 a Week: the classic cake-from-a-box goes the whoopie pie route.

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