Dinner to Fridge to Lunch: Yellow Steel Bowls with Lids

Dinner to Fridge to Lunch: Yellow Steel Bowls with Lids

Faith Durand
Apr 15, 2010

A couple weeks ago a reader asked us about containers that would be pretty enough for serving food at dinner, but also good for storing leftovers and lunches.

Well, we hadn't seen these enameled steel bowls yet, but now that we have, we think that they are a perfect solution. So yellow! So indestructible, yet cheery! And lids to match!

The bowl set includes three bowls in 1 3/4, 1 1/4, and 3/4 quart sizes. (Seven, five, and three cups.) They are made of porcelain enamel over steel, which means that they aren't suitable for use in the microwave — their one drawback. But they can go into the oven (and toaster oven) and they are non-breakable.

We love the bright, cheery color, too, and the coordinating lids. These are well-priced basics that could also make great containers for lunchtime salads and pasta.

Find them: Calypso Lemon 6 Piece Bowl Set Yellow, Enamel on Steel, $13.99 at Amazon

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(Image: Amazon)

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