Dinner Bell is Ringing! 7 Charming Dinner Bells

Dinner Bell is Ringing! 7 Charming Dinner Bells

Faith Durand
Mar 28, 2011

Do you have a dinner bell (or a gong, or a triangle...) in your house? Or are dinner bells just for summer camp? Tell us if you would ever have a dinner bell in your house, and take a peek at these seven charming options.

Each of these are handmade and sold through Etsy.

• 1 Hand Forged Dinner Bell, $60 at Old School Tools
• 2 Triangle dinner bell with Dragonhead, $44.99 at My Blacksmith Shop
• 3 Suppertime Sally Dinner Bell Metal Sculpture, $88 at Wild Rose Design Studio
• 4 Treble clef dinner chime, $20 at Wild Rose Forge
• 5 Vintage Dinner Bell with Deer Top, $28 at Found Made New

• 6 Hand Forged Triangle Dinner Bell with Ringer, $45 at Stone and Steel
• 7 Dinner Bell, $15 at Dan and Dee Designs

How do you signal that dinner is ready in your house? A call of "come and get it!" or a lighting of the candles? Do you turn the music up, or the lights down low? Do you ring a bell or bash a gong?

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(Images: Old School Tools; My Blacksmith Shop; Wild Rose Design Studio; Wild Rose Forge; Found Made New; Stone and Steel; Dan and Dee Designs)

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