Dining Section Roundup: 10.26.05

The Dining Section in this week's New York Times was a bit of a let-down. Maybe it's my delicate tummy, or maybe it's my sensitive temperament, but honestly, all the talk this week about Las Vegas and Oxtail bones kind of made me ill. And of course lots of chatter about Halloween, that oh-so-culinary holiday.

Closer to the Bone: "Tender long-simmering braises and dishes for those who crave a good gnaw."

On High-Stakes Tables in Las Vegas: Fish, Not Chips...: With the arrival of Chef Joel Robuchon to Las Vegas, that hokey fake Eiffel Tower isn't the only French thing in Sin City. Now, this "culinary capital" also has absentee chefs and $8000 bottles of wine.

A Traveler's Delight: Wines from Luxembourg - not sold in the U.S.