(Image credit: Dimly Lit Meals For one )

I hope you're not hungry, because the user-submitted Tumblr "Dimly Lit Meals For One" makes Martha Stewart's unappealing food photos on Twitter look appetizing. The Tumblr chronicles dimly lit photos of food –– like heaping plates of slimy pasta, or strange, bland sandwiches. The photos are accompanied with witty commentary, making the meals more funny than, well, sad.

While we're use to seeing beautiful photos of food on blogs and Pinterest, it's almost kind of refreshing, at least for me, to see some ugly food. As the author of the Tumblr explains: "That’s why I love doing this blog, it shows what real people are doing in their kitchens in between drinking too much and staring bleakly at plates of overcooked pasta."

Here are a few highlights from Dimly Lit Meals For One:

(Image credit: Dimly Lit Meals for One )
(Image credit: Dimly Lit Meals For One )
(Image credit: Dimly Lit Meals For One )

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