Dig In: Best Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Scoops

Dig In: Best Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Scoops

Sure, you can use a big spoon to serve all that ice cream we're pushing, but if you want pretty, rounded scoops, you're going to need the right tool. Here are six good options...

Above is the aluminum Zeroll scoop, which was created in 1935 and claims to be the original ice cream scooper. The key, according to the company, is a heat-conductive fluid in the handle that warms the ice cream, helps it roll, and eases release. The design has been knocked off plenty (we have a no-name brand that's similar). One possible downside: it can't be put in the dishwasher.

(All of these scoops — and many more — are available at Amazon)

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