Did You Know? 18 of Our Smartest, Most Surprising Kitchen Tips

Cookings Tips from The Kitchn

We're major fans of anything that makes life better in the kitchen, be it a smart organizing trick or, as is the case here, a few genius cooking tips that are both surprising and awesome. Did you know you can regrow scallions on your windowsill? Or that you can make ice cream with only one ingredient? Do you know the one tip for perfect bacon, or the best way to keep guacamole from turning brown? We've got it all here for you, friends, but beware: These cooking tips may just change your life forever.

Do you have a stellar cooking tip to share? Leave a note below. (If your tip is more about kitchen organizing, tell us about it here!)

(Image credits: Faith Durand; Anjali Prasertong; Muffet under CC BY 2.0; Emma Christensen; YouTube; Dana Velden; James Herron; cjmartin under CC BY 2.0; Mel B. under CC BY 2.0; Home with Real Food)

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