Dessert Cocktails: 5 Adult Milkshakes and Floats (with Booze!)

I remember going to a bar shortly after I turned 21. I ordered a beer, and my friend ordered a milkshake. Instantly I wanted to change my order, even if it meant not taking advantage of the privilege I'd waited so long to achieve. A milkshake? At a bar? No fair! So why not update your favorite childhood treat to something a little more adult? 1. Guinness Milkshake - Simple, tried and true. Add vanilla or chocolate ice cream to Guinness and blend. Great as a float as well! 2. Spiked Almond Joy Milkshakes - Almond and chocolate liqueur transform these creamy versions of the candy bar into adult after dinner treats. 3. Coffee-Vanilla Milkshake (With a Navan Kick) - Just like a creamy, kicked up version of your after dinner coffee! 4. Cherry Lambic Ice Cream Float - Even thought of using lambic, the fruit flavored beer, as the base for an ice cream float? 5. The Tipsy Affogato - Take this classic Italian combination of espresso and ice cream to the next level with Frangelico!

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(Images: Sara-Kate Gillingham-Ryan; Nealy Dozier)

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