Dessert Centerpiece Idea for Easter: Make a Macaron 'Paint' Palette!

If you're looking for an untraditional centerpiece for your Easter table, then this 'paint' palette made up of an array of pastel macarons is perfect. All you need to recreate it yourself is a wood paint palette, macarons of varying colors, and a little buttercream to use as the "glue."

As Stephanie of Stephmodo shared, first arrange the maracons on the table (you'll need about 10) to figure out which colors look best together. Then "glue" them to the wood palette (which you can find for about $6 at a craft store) with the buttercream frosting. That's it! Place the palette on the center of your table and surround with a few tulips if you want. So pretty — and edible! (Well, not the tulips.)

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(Images: Stephmodo)